CHAPTER THREE: The Day After Tomorrow

JUDY:  I’ll just put this here, since we don’t have enough money to buy a crib.

>__>  My bad.  I thought he could just sleep on the floor.

JUDY:  You are a terrible, terrible person.

THOR:  I will love you and pet you and call you Squishy and you will be my Squishy.

Actually, Thor, I decided something.  This is now a reverse alphabetacy.  You have to name him something that starts with a Z.

THOR:  Oh.  Then his name will be ZORDON.

Right.  Awesome.

So Zordon rolled easily-impressed and absent-minded.  Here’s hoping he’s ugly!

So while Thor takes excellent care of his baby (who knew he’d actually be a good father?) I sent Judy back to the workout station to take care of DAT ASS.  PS, the stink clouds in TS3 really gross me out.  😦


Do you feel better now, Judy?  I bought your baby a stupid crib, but I had to sell your kitchen sink to do it.

JUDY:  As long as I have somewhere to do the dishes, I don’t care.  The baby needed a crib.

I’ll take your word for it.  I would have just put my kid to sleep on the couch, surrounded by pillows or something, but I suppose you’re the one with four other kids and I’m the one with the boyfriend who isn’t reliable enough to feed our fish on a daily basis.  Now make yourself useful and upgrade the toilet.

Judy maxed her handiness skill, so I make her do all the hard work around the house while Thor stands around looking pretty.

JUDY:  *bang bang bang*

How the hell is hammering a toilet supposed to make it UNBREAKABLE?  Seems like it would make it pretty damn broken, if you ask me.

JUDY:  Nobody did.  *scowl*

STINK:  *waves*

So, Thor, how do you like being a father?

THOR:  It is awesome!  Zordon is almost like a tiny person, except he doesn’t talk back and he listens to me talk about myself for hours and hours and never gets bored.  He’s my favourite almost-person in the whole world.

It’s nice to see that, even though they’ve had a child, Thor and Judy can still find time to be romantic.  In the kitchen.  God, Judy’s haircut is awful.

JUDY:  I can hear you.

THOR:  My hair is awesome enough for the both of us.

I promise myself I wouldn’t CAS anybody in-game, or any of the babies born in-game.  I figure they’ll be uglier that way.

I invited everybody over for Zordon’s birthday, and President Obama and Lady Gaga were the first to arrive.

LADY GAGA:  Are you here for Thor’s party, too?

OBAMA:  HAHA you’re Lady Gaga!  You had twin boys by Leisure Suit Larry LOLOL

Obama reads the gossip mags.  Who knew?

I didn’t take many pictures of the party, because I suck, but I got a cake and tried to make Thor age Zordon up.  I’ve never used a cake to age up before, so either I did it wrong or Thor’s an idiot, because he just stood there freaking out about how the cake was on the counter and his baby’s head was in his chest.  Then everybody left and even though Thor has the Legendary Host reward the game got mad because nobody aged up and told him he was a failure.  He cried for days.

ZORDON:  Wahhhh, nobody liked my party and I have mullet!!!!

Fuck, his eyes are gorgeous.  He got those from his fat mother.  He’s kind of cute.  But at least his nose is looking kind of hideous.

House construction update!  They have no windows and there are no lights in the master bedroom because I figured the baby and his stupid crib needed it more.  By the way, the crib is green because green is his favourite colour.  He also likes French music and cheesesteak.

And then we have family workout time.  Judy needs to work off that baby weight.  Although god knows how they’re getting that stretch from watching a guy lift foot weights or whatever.

JUDY:  Say ‘teacup’.

ZORDON:  But I’m tired.  And then am I ever going to need to say ‘teacup’.  We don’t even own tea in this house because we can’t even afford a floor for my bedroom.

THOR:  Goddamnit, I’m bald again.  And this time at a party. Ah well, the alcohol will make me feel better.

Keep telling yourself that.

THOR:  Awwww, yeeeeah.

They don’t have hotdogs at home.  All they eat is what Judy gets from the garden and sometimes PB & J if they’re lucky.

Thor gets a little surprise when he gets home.

THOR:  Hey, Zordon, I thought you aged u-  wait a minute.

ZORDON:  la la la

THOR:  Uh…  Judyyyy?!



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  1. Bahahaha.

    Obama DOES read the gossip mags. Fact.

    • Simsnewbie23
    • December 18th, 2010

    I played Judy’s family once, when she gets skinny, she is REALLY pretty. =D




  3. Can’t wait to see how the children turn out! Hope they are the ugliest creatures in Sunset Valley.

    • lilyrae98
    • August 1st, 2015

    OMG “My hair is awesome enough for the both of us.” 😀 Best line ever.

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