CHAPTER FIFTEEN: A Death in the Family

I don’t really see the need to caption this picture.  So welcome back to the Jenkins Uglacy!

And it’s Yoshi’s birthday.  I’m going to have a house full of teenagers.  And none of them are ugly enough for my tastes!  I feel like it would be cheating if I used custom sims as spouses, but I put Leroy Secksie in my town and maybe in a couple of generations I’ll feel okay enough about Story Progression to marry one of his grandchildren in. Bwahaha

YOSHI:  wat.  Nothing’s happening!

YOSHI:  Heyyyyyyyy.  Nice.

I think I might vomit.  D=

Shit.  =[  He’s downright handsome!  FUCK YOU, YOSHI.

He gained some trait that I don’t care about.  =[


Oh, shit.  I guess it is.  Too bad this means NOTHING to me because you’re GORGEOUS.  If it was within my power to make you join the Hooker career path, I would.

Uhh… riiiiiiiiiiight.  And she aged up with Unflirty locked in.  Tell THAT to her “pants”!

And, after the make-over –

YASMIN:  Hehe!  It looks like all of us escaped having to be the heir of this uglacy!  We can marry pretty sims!

YOSHI:  Yeah, LOL, except for Yash!

YASH:  LOL Two plus two is not five!  hurrrrrr

God, I can’t stop thinking derpy things when I caption his photos.  I’m so sorry, Yash.  I’m sure you’re a very nice sim.

YASH:  Momma always said life is like a box-a chocolates! hurrrrrrrr

Awwwwww, look who Yasmin brought back from the past!  A little caveman-y gnome!  His name is Jasper.  =D

JASPER:  Time machine look nommy!  Can has nomz?

Also, I got bored of my legacy house and moved the family here.  Sue me.

You know, somehow this ends up being the house I live in EVERY. TIME. I. PLAY.  I think it’s because it has 6 bedrooms.  It’s the only goddamn house I don’t have to build that can house a legacy family.

But for the record, while I was moving them, I added a few new things to my game.  I updated my mods and things like that, and I also set my mods to allow same-sex pregnancy, and teen pregnancy!  Because I might want a same sex couple in one of these generations, and because I think teen pregnancy is funny.

And we’d been in the new house for approximately five minutes when Zooey figured out we had a treadmill.  And then BAM.  Metabolism.

Well, she had been fat for quite a few chapters now.  I was starting to get worried.

And now… an intermission, during which we shall introduce some secondary/tertiary characters to this legacy.

This lovely young lady is Renee Jenkins!  For those of you who don’t remember, this is Zordon and Therese’s oldest.  And she’s got Thor’s eyes.  Awwwww.  You can kind of see Zordon in her facial structure.  I can only imagine how hideous she’d be if Therese wasn’t gorgeous.

And THIS twerpy little freak is Cyriaque Jenkins, Zordon and Therese’s youngest.  They only have the two kids, but they’re still married, despite the frequent messages I get from Story Progression about their failing marriage.

And wouldn’t you know it, but Cyriaque became the first victim of the teen pregnancy hack.  He’s now going to be a father, because he managed to impregnate this bitch –

Cecilia Goth.  Teenage whore.

She looks like a bitch, doesn’t she?

Anyway, that concludes our intermission.  =D

YASH:  So are you going to have a birthday party for your aging up tomorrow?

YVONNE:  I don’t know yet, I’m still thinking about it.

ZOOEY:  Well if you want one, you should ask your grandfather to throw it for you.  He knows how to throw a party.  And he should, since he’s like a thousand years old.

THOR:  Excuse you, I’m a hundred and fourteen.  And I happen to look very good for my age.

YASMIN:  Whatever, I’ve had enough of your incessant babbling, Family.  I’m going to go do the dishes, and maybe make the stove fireproof.  You know, since Grampa tried to burn the house down like three hours ago.

Hey there’s no need to be bitchy.  Respect your elders.  Thor has done a wonderful job founding this uglacy, you snotty little shit.



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Chapter Sixteen —>

  1. Daaaaamn, didn’t see that coming at all.

    Did you do that on purpose <___<

    • omg, no. It was the worst thing ever. So I was playing the other day, and my game had been crashing, so I was saving a bunch. And then I saved, and once it stopped saving, she was on the floor. And I was like WAT but I had already saved. DDDD=

      • Suuuuure, you know she was too pretty to…keep.

        But when I saw the title I thought Thor was dead and got all sad, and when I saw that it wasn’t I was all, yay

      • Yeah, that’s kind of what I was going for. MISDIRECTION LOL

    • oh btw, I uploaded Thor to mediafire, so if you’re having more success with those downloads in your game, you can certainly try that. It’s on the Downloads page. =D

      • nooooo, he didn’t make it again D; I’m just going to have to go ahead and get Late Night and World Adventures, maybe I’ll be able to upload more stuff ._.

  2. Aahaha that was so funny.

    “Thor would know how to throw a great party…. he’s like 10000 years old.”

    Poor… her. Lol, ah well guess it was meant to be then xD

    • I can’t believe he’s still alive. He’s the oldest sim I’ve ever had!

      But yeah, I felt so bad that she accidentally got electrocuted to death. ALL I WANTED WAS A FIREPROOF STOVE.

  3. Nice work Andie. NICE WORK.


    I cannot believe Thor is still alive. >>


      And I know. XDD He hasn’t even shown any signs of being on the verge of death! Not that sims do that, as far as I know.

      • Lol everyone seems to think it was, XD. That’s just too funny!

  4. What’s that house you moved the family into, I like it.

    Cyriaque and Celia are going to have some ugly kids, but they’re blood, dammit.

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