CHAPTER ONE: Beginnings

It rained a lot the summer Penny Porter moved to Moonlight Falls.  Part of her took it as a bad omen, a sign from the makers that she should have stayed with her people.  But the weather didn’t change anything.  She’d lived in Fairyland her whole life, and she needed to experience something different.  Something more.  She wanted to meet humans, to get a human job instead of sitting around on her adorable fairy ass all day.   Her father was the king of the fae, and so Penny was expected to stay out of trouble and wait for her turn to rule.  But Penny was not a waiting kind of person.


No, Penny was not a wait-er.  She was disciplined and proper, perceptive and lucky, and she had a soft spot for horses.  Her favourite food was French toast, her favourite colour was spiceberry, and she loved geek rock music.  These were not the traits of a typical fairy.  These were the traits of someone who needed a change.

She did her best to humanize herself before she left.  She wanted to fit in, so she traded in her leafy clothing for cotton and polyester blends, and set aside her crown of vines, and she took what little money she had and moved to a little empty lot in Moonlight Falls.


It was already dark by the time she and her cat, Zelda, had finished building their little one-room home with their remaining money.  It wasn’t much, but it was a good start, Penny thought, and she had her whole life ahead of her to expand it.  She’d get a job in the morning, and start saving up, and buy herself a little fairy house to nap in.  She was excited to make this work.  She knew it would, with the naive certainty of someone who had very little experience with real life.



Zelda slept well that night in her new house, and in the morning Penny gave her a nice long brushing.  Penny was a Proper fairy, and brushing her cat gave her a wonderful outlook for oncoming day.  Job-hunting would be a breeze after that.


She searched online for the perfect job, and she found it!  It was entry level, of course, but starting a law enforcement career meant that she could get into forensics, and maybe do something with DNA.  It wasn’t very fairy-like, but science and genetics had always fascinated her, and she would love to help people, to stop the bad ones from hurting others.  Law enforcement was definitely the way to go.


After she was hired on at the police station as a Snitch, she stopped by the summer festival in the town square, hoping to meet some interesting people.  She joined a hotdog eating contest, and came in second place, after Belinda Crumplebottom.  Penny decided then and there that the first fairy trick of her new life would be played on Belinda.


“Look up there!”



Belinda thought this was a marvelous trick, though, so Penny’s mild form of vengeance was foiled.


Penny went roller-skating (sort of).

Screenshot-88  Screenshot-89

And then got into a fight with a deer.


After a day full of excitement, Penny returned home to work on her Logic skill.  She would need it for work, after all, and right now work was the most important thing in her life.


Or second most important, at least.

  1. I like it! Penny is adorable, and a fairy getting into law enforcement seems like it could be fun.

    Also, big lols at “sitting around on her adorable fairy ass all day.”

    Hope the Jenkins are okay! But I like this new story, too.

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