CHAPTER THREE: Onward and Upward

True to his word, Parker ended things with Haley the morning after his night with Penny.  They already knew each other so well that Parker and Penny’s relationship felt like it started on the twentieth date, and they were both fine with that.  They were happy that they got to be together, and there were bonuses to skipping all the early stuff.

They got to move straight to the sex.  The awesome, mind-blowing sex.


They did it everywhere they could, as often as they could manage.  In the shower…


in the hot tub…


and then, after a quick nap to re-energize…


they did it in the hot tub again.

Neither of them could remember a time when they felt so happy and carefree.  That’s why, once Penny came up for air, Parker popped the question.


“Penny,” he said.  “Marry me.”

It really wasn’t a question, so much as a suggestion.  Maybe a plea.  She smirked at first, because she’d never had sex so good that it prompted a proposal before, but when she glanced up at him to show her amusement, his face was open and serious.

She eyed him, trying to gauge his sincerity.  “Are you only saying that because I gave you an underwater blowjob?” she asked.

“No.  I mean, that helped, but I was planning on proposing tomorrow, at that restaurant we’re going to.  I just… I couldn’t wait.  I love you so much.  You’re the best thing about my life, and I want to spend the rest of it with you.”

Penny was too overcome with emotion to speak.  She let her kiss speak for her.


After the engagement, they decided to find a house of their own, where they could raise a family.  They weren’t in a rush to get married, exactly, but Penny wanted a winter wedding.  Parker didn’t want to wait a whole year and a half, so they settled on the coming winter for their wedding date.


When the day finally came, Parker was so excited he couldn’t stand still.





They exchanged rings, and then, because everyone was freezing their asses off, they hurried into the house to cut the cake.


Once the formalities were over, and they had sent everyone home, Penny and Parker retired to their bedroom, to celebrate their marriage the best way they knew how.


By fucking.

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