The Jenkins Uglacy: Prelude to an Update

Hi guys!  So I finally got my Jenkins save file up and running (PHEW, what a relief!), so I’ll be working on an update soon.  In the mean time, I figured a refresher course on the current stars of our story would be in order, given that it’s been like a year and a half since I updated.


This vaguely unpleasant-looking gentleman is Yash Jenkins.  In spite of his grey hair, caused by a Generations-related glitch and not fixed by me because of reasons, he is only an Adult.  He loves the outdoors, is a vegetarian and a vehicle enthusiast, and he’s perceptive and easily impressed.  He’s currently a Caper Crusader, which is level 4 of the Investigator career.


This is Yash’s husband, Erich.  He’s an adult as well.  He’s brave, clumsy, hot-headed, evil, and athletic.  He’s a Fireman, which is level 5 of the Firefighter career.

Together, Erich and Yash have four children.  Each of them birthed two after getting pregnant during the same round of copulation (oop).


Xanthia is, due to another Generations-glitch, a premature young adult.  She’s also a vampire.  She’s disciplined, eccentric, evil, easily impressed, and a kleptomaniac.  Right now, she’s self-employed as an inventor, but I don’t know if that’ll stick.  She’s also not dating anyone.


This is Xena.  She’s a teen, like the rest of her siblings, save Xanthia, and her traits are slob, virtuoso, light sleeper, and mooch.  She’s a real charmer, as you can tell.  She’s not dating anyone, and has no lifetime want or career goal yet.  She’s basically me.


This is Xavier.  He’s a neurotic loser, who’s never nude and loves the outdoors.  He’s dating a girl named Malia, who he hit it off with at his senior prom, where he was crowned king!  Surprising, for a loser, but whatever.  He wants to be the Emperor of Evil.


And this fine young lady is Xander.  She’s looking like the front runner for heiress at the moment.  She’s adventurous, eco-friendly, mean-spirited, and a virtuoso.  She also wants to be the Emperor of Evil.  I suspect she will succeed and Xavier will fail, mostly because I like her better.

That’s everyone for now!  We’ve got five in-game days to go before the remaining teens age up, and then we’ll be on to Generation Four!


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