This isn’t an update.  Rather, this is an opportunity for me to share with you pictures that haven’t made it into any chapters (probably because I forgot to put them in), but are too good to pass up.


I didn’t even know it was possible to get this moodlet, but it shows up every time Yash and Erich have sex.  Oh Yash, how did I know you’d be a terrible lay?



I had never noticed this one before either, until Yash ended up with it while he was pregnant.  I guess Erich is the one in that relationship with some sexual prowess.


This is a chunk out of my Jenkins Family Tree (beware of spoilers) which I thought I should share with you.  As you can see from my badly-photoshopped arrow, Bella Goth and her daughter Janet have married the siblings Kenyatta and Dominick Steel.  It seems that after Janet got married, Bella got closer with the Steel clan and decided to do some cradle-robbing.  She was an elder when she married young adult Dominick.


Can I just say that I love that “I’m a Firefighter” is a romantic option?  Why doesn’t this happen for movie stars, too?  Or compulsive liars?  That should be a trait.


And this asshole is Cyriaque Jenkins.  I’m just posting this because I wanted to commiserate with you all over how ugly he is, even with a gorgeous mother like Therese.

Oh well.  I think Gen 3 is going to be pretty unfortunate-looking.


One more thing:

This is my puppy.  His name is Admiral Sandecker.

That is all.


CHAPTER EIGHTEEN: The Worst Thing Ever

Oh. Well. This is awkward.


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CHAPTER SEVENTEEN: For Real This Time – Part Two

So, in the wake of Thor’s ill-placed death, all of my sims started to flip. their. shit.  They went completely out of their minds with grief, since Yasmin, Yoshi, and Thor all died within the span of about four sim days.

Watch.  You’ll see what I mean.

Yael.  Why is there a cello in the bathroom?

YAEL:  I.  don’t.  knoooooowwwww *hulksmash*

I half-expected him to throw the stupid cello across the room like this:

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CHAPTER SEVENTEEN: No Deaths In the Family (Finally) – Part One

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CHAPTER SIXTEEN: Another Death in the Family

So last night on Facebook, I posted an update that said something along the lines of “Could tomorrow bring another chapter of The Jenkins Uglacy?” And my asshole cousin posted and said, “No. Just 6 more hours of Fable III and feeling like a medium-sized bag of ass.”

You see, I’ve had pneumonia. I know, I know. You’re going “Who gets pneumonia? What is this, the 1800s?”

But yeah. I got pneumonia.

This didn’t stop the Jenkins family from grieving the death of generation two’s oldest, the very beautiful and intelligent Yasmin, who tragically died of electrocution via stove upgrade last update.

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This is Not an Update; This is My Life

CHAPTER FIFTEEN: A Death in the Family

I don’t really see the need to caption this picture.  So welcome back to the Jenkins Uglacy!

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