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CHAPTER THREE: Onward and Upward

True to his word, Parker ended things with Haley the morning after his night with Penny.  They already knew each other so well that Parker and Penny’s relationship felt like it started on the twentieth date, and they were both fine with that.  They were happy that they got to be together, and there were bonuses to skipping all the early stuff.

They got to move straight to the sex.  The awesome, mind-blowing sex.


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CHAPTER TWO: Neighbours

A couple of weeks after she moved in, Penny decided to go visit her next door neighbour.  She’d been working so hard that she hadn’t made many friends, aside from her partner at the police station, a ghost named Frida Goth.  So it was with that in mind that she called a cab and had it drive her exactly one hundred feet to the west.

Screenshot-115 She approached the door with Zelda in tow, eager to make the acquaintance of her neighbour and what she inferred, judging by the dog house outside, was his pet dog.  It would be nice for Zelda to have some animal friends, too.  Penny was the only person Zelda had spent any time with since they moved to Moonlight Falls, and she felt bad, because Zelda was a very sociable cat.

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CHAPTER ONE: Beginnings

It rained a lot the summer Penny Porter moved to Moonlight Falls.  Part of her took it as a bad omen, a sign from the makers that she should have stayed with her people.  But the weather didn’t change anything.  She’d lived in Fairyland her whole life, and she needed to experience something different.  Something more.  She wanted to meet humans, to get a human job instead of sitting around on her adorable fairy ass all day.   Her father was the king of the fae, and so Penny was expected to stay out of trouble and wait for her turn to rule.  But Penny was not a waiting kind of person.


No, Penny was not a wait-er.  She was disciplined and proper, perceptive and lucky, and she had a soft spot for horses.  Her favourite food was French toast, her favourite colour was spiceberry, and she loved geek rock music.  These were not the traits of a typical fairy.  These were the traits of someone who needed a change.

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