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04-10-16_2-35-47 AM

XANDER:  Boring, boring… Where are all the good jobs in this town?

As you night be able to tell, Xander’s all grown up now.  Due to some extremely unfortunate circumstances, my TS3 save was lost forever, but I was inspired by my very best friend Starlatrix to restart my legacy in TS4 with Xander.  This involved making Starla use a picture of Xander to re-create her for the new game, and me fighting with a lot of CC.

The end result is a sort-of-brand-new legacy, beginning with Xander in Windenberg.  Why Windenberg, you ask?

XANDER:  Because that’s where the rich people live, and I want to steal from them, LOL.

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The Jenkins Uglacy: Prelude to an Update

Hi guys!  So I finally got my Jenkins save file up and running (PHEW, what a relief!), so I’ll be working on an update soon.  In the mean time, I figured a refresher course on the current stars of our story would be in order, given that it’s been like a year and a half since I updated.


This vaguely unpleasant-looking gentleman is Yash Jenkins.  In spite of his grey hair, caused by a Generations-related glitch and not fixed by me because of reasons, he is only an Adult.  He loves the outdoors, is a vegetarian and a vehicle enthusiast, and he’s perceptive and easily impressed.  He’s currently a Caper Crusader, which is level 4 of the Investigator career.

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CHAPTER TWENTY-THREE: What do you think I have down there? A gnome?


Hey, Xander!  What are you making?

XANDER:  Tequila. LOL

Hi, everyone!  Once again we find me taking a ridiculously long time to update.  It should be better now. On Monday, I get my PC back.  It’s currently being updated, and then I’m going to install all my sims games onto it and transfer my save files from my Macbook Pro over there.  Hopefully, nothing awful will happen.  But, because of that, I figured I should get one more update out of the way before The Big Move.

XANDER:  Please don’t ruin my life. D:

I will try not to, I promise.  Just close your eyes and think of the graphics.

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You guys would not believe the shit I had to go through to get my game working.  I have zero custom content in right now, save stuff from the Store and my NRAAS mods.  I FEEL SO NAKED.

And then I come home, boot up my game after a long day of doing fuck all, and I have to put up with this:


XANDER:  Bawwwwww, I don’t wanna go to school!

But why not?  You need to meet your classmates, because one day I’m going to make you spawn with one.


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Here rest Thor and Judy Jenkins, who finally have a founder spot in the Twinbrook cemetery, now owned by their daughter Zooey.  I like the water fountain, I think it’s a nice touch.  I hope I get one of those when I die.



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You know, I never really noticed, but Wayne and Erich do not get along.

WAYNE:  I don’t like your face!

Yeah.  That’s kind of why he’s here.

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CHAPTER NINETEEN: The Erich Show, Featuring Birthdays




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